“There is something in the occult world known as Sacred Geometry which is, in essence, a universal system of patterns found in the natural design of everything in the universe. Some say that these patterns are even found in music, light, and the way all things are made.

Of all the beautiful patterns and designs found in Sacred Geometry, perhaps the most perfect and complete is the Flower of Life, a geometrical figure composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles that form a flower-like pattern with a six-fold symmetry like a hexagon. Within this pattern, the center of each circle is on the circumference of six surrounding circles of the same diameter.

This design is ancient. It is found in sacred buildings dating back to ancient Egypt. It also has been found in Phoenician, Assyrian, Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern and medieval art.

What is amazing about this design is that all other sacred patterns and symbols depicted in religious art and construction can be found within the Flower of Life. These include the Metatron Cube from which all five of the Platonic solids can be found. The Platonic designs are the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron.

To find Metatron’s Cube, place a dot or “note” in the center of each circle, then connect each dot with a straight line. A total of 78 lines are created. When you look at the overall picture, you realize that the straight lines form a variety of interesting shapes and designs within a cube. Each of the platonic solids can be found here.

Another important image found within the Flower of Life is the Merkaba, or wheel within a wheel as described in the Old Testament Book of Ezekiel. This is said to be a divine light vehicle used by ascended masters to connect with higher realms.

More contemporary designs show the Merkaba as an inter-dimensional vehicle made up of two interlocked tetrahedral of light with a common center. One tetrahedron points upward while the other points down. The symmetric form is called a stella octangula, or a Star Tetrahedron, or three dimensional Star of David.

Yet another important and highly significant design found within the Flower of Life is the Tree of Life as depicted by the Kabbalah. This Tree, said to reflect the light of the human soul, includes ten circular centers called sephiroth connected by 22 channels or connecting paths. The central circle is Malkuth, the kingdom of the physical world on which we live. The highest point is Kether, the Crown of the universe representing the highest attainable spiritual understanding that men can achieve.

Within the Tree of Life is found the caduceus, or symbol of coiling serpents representing the Kundalini, a power symbolically coiled within each human and waiting to be unleashed. It is said to be located at the base of the spine.”