“Sunlight is actually white. However, when it is divided up into its different frequencies we see the seven primary colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. It is only when all of the different colors join together that we have the brilliance that is sunlight. With this metaphor in mind, suppose you had seven groups of people each in possession of one color from the rainbow. You had the Red Religion, the Blue Religion, the Green Religion, and so on. Each group believes it has the perfect color and they argue for centuries over who is right. Of course, they are all right. Each of the seven groups is holding a piece of the truth. But there is a higher truth, one ultimate truth about the color of light. That truth is the color white, which contains all seven colors. White light contains all the joy we seek, but we only find it when we unite the rest of humanity, when all the peoples of the world share their wisdom with each other in harmony and mutual respect." 

– Yehuda Berg, Prayer of the Kabbalist