“Although Alchemy speaks through allegories, it cannot be understood by the symbolists, because Alchemy is not a cryptography to decipher, but a gift from God, as its adepts state.

We know today the "modus operandi” of this millenarian science that is able to transform the vulgar man of the Earth into an authentic Solar Man.

The science of Alchemy has its rules and its objective principles, the same as the other sciences. The thing is that the principles of the “hermetic art” are not known by the scientists of the materialistic science. In order to know the hermetic art, it is necessary to study the alchemic symbolism, which is connected with the Hebraic Kabbalah. Thus Alchemy and Kabbalah go together forming a doctrinaire whole that can only be understood by those who really long to know the reality, by those who long to know that which is divine and inhabits in the depths of the human creature.

Alchemy cannot be studied from an intellectual point of view. A critical spirit connected with a serious and conscious mystique is required, and nowadays this is only found in Gnosis.“