“I’ve seen this same imagery in movies and cartoons, with the helpless guy who is torn between the angel whispering in one ear and the devil screaming in the other. Oftentimes it feels like we all can relate.

Kabbalah, however, teaches us that this is not the case. No matter how much it may feel like it at the time, we are not helpless entities torn between two opposing forces. In fact, we are the furthest thing from helpless. We hold all the power. One of our greatest gifts is the ability to choose which force we are going to activate in our lives: The positive, or the negative.

Falling prey to the influence of negativity doesn’t require much of us. Choosing negativity is not an act of will, but an absence of effort. To rise above the negative and choose to connect with positivity requires great effort. As a kabbalist sage once said, “Climbing a mountain is hard, but falling down that mountain requires no work at all.”

The negative voice is always louder than the positive. It requires an active choice on our part to shut it down, but we must know that it is always within our power to do so. We are not victims of circumstance. No matter the circumstance it is absolutely possible to control our consciousness throughout it. By choosing a positive consciousness, we create a more positive reality for ourselves and others.

It is with this knowledge that we are able to understand that our experience of life is truly up to us.

This week, try to keep in mind that choosing between positive or negative consciousness is the only decision we ever really make.”

– Yehuda Berg