“Ceremonial magic has been misunderstood by overzealous beginners principally because there has been no general understanding of the principles here laid down as rudiments of the work. Except in the rare cases of those born with a definite flair, it is quite impossible to succeed in ceremonial magic until a great deal of development has been obtained. And by development, I imply the awakening or formulation within of the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. Development implies the arousing of the dormant power of the psyche. Above all else it means the ascent into consciousness of the light and love and wisdom of the higher genius, the Yechidah. Until that light shines above and through the student, and the magical power is operative within, ceremony must remain what it is for most people: a thing of habit and custom-a set of observances perfunctorily to be performed, celebrations in which there is no trace of virtue, of value, of power.”

– Israel Regardie, ‘The Middle Pillar’