“Boaz and Jakin are both pillars of the Temple, and only when united do they produce stability. 

Of these two columns, the left-hand one under Binah is (also) called Severity; the right-hand one under Chokmah is (also) called Mercy; the middle one under Kether is called Mildness, and it is said to be the Column of Equilibrium. These two side columns are the two pillars that stand at the entrance to King Solomon’s Temple and are represented in all Lodges of the Mysteries, the candidate himself, when he stands between them, is the Middle Pillar of Equilibrium.

Dion Fortune – The Mystical Qabalah

Location of the Sephiroth within the physical body:

1.  Kether – the crown, in the superior part of the head

2.  Chokmah – right side of the brain

3.  Binah – left side of the brain

4.  Chesed – in the right arm

5.  Geburah – in the left arm

6.  Tiphereth – in the heart

7.  Netzach – in the right leg

8.  Hod – in the left leg

9.  Yesod – in the sexual organs

10.  Malkuth – in the feet