The Golem

“If you study magic, you may have heard of a thing called a Golem.  A Golem is a creature, a servant, that an Alchemist can create in a laboratory.  There are many stories and mythologies about the Golem; in fact, Frankenstein comes from this tradition.

The idea behind the Golem is that the Alchemist / Magician will work with the forces or the minerals of the earth in order to craft a magical creature that has great powers and will serve the Magician. That creature is the Golem.  You can find this tradition throughout many religions, but especially amongst the Jews. Golem is a Hebrew word that literally means “shapeless or lifeless matter.”

The way that the Alchemist would make this Golem is very veiled and symbolized and hidden in all kinds of myths and lies. The legends state that Magicians made Golems out of clay or mud that are empowered or brought to life through the application of magical words or letters. How many naive people have tried to create a physical golem only to fail! While it is possible to do it (there are many ancient methods for creating such things), the real wisdom of the myth is a symbol of how our own Magician, our own Innermost, creates the real man, Adam, from us: lifeless matter. We are lifeless! We do not have life within, because we are filled with pollution. 

The Elohim creates Adam from Adamah, the ground, the earth, Malkuth.  The man is the soul.  That man, when it is complete, will have all the powers of God and will serve the Magician, the Innermost.  That man (the Golem, Adam) is supposed to be you and me.”

– Samael Aun Weor