“The Owl is the bringer of wisdom. The all-seeing owl possesses supernatural qualities and is often associated with intuition, clairvoyance and clairaudience.

The Owl’s energy is at its peak in the very heart of darkness.

When we are plunged into blindness and disorientation, the owl comes like a messenger. He penetrates the darkness, seeing and hearing that which others cannot.

If the owl is calling us, or we are aware of the owl being present in life, dreaming or waking- it means we are being called upon to open our eyes, ears and mind to the truth of a situation.

The message is to befriend the darkness inside oneself. To look deeply, and soon the bright light of dawn will illuminate us as to how and by whom are we being deceived? 

To listen to the wisdom deep in the heart and soul. That still small voice is trying to reach us and in some way to assist in a current challenge we may be facing. The Owl is a messenger that can bring clarity and illumination.

The owl teaches us to use our powers of keen, silent observation to intuit some life situation.”