The Science of Sephiroth:

The Universe is made with the law of Numbers, Dimensions and Weight; mathematics form the Universe, numbers came to be living entities. Theosophists speak of plains and sub plains, and these are the Ten Sephirot, the ten emanations of Eternal Mother Space, ten waves that serve as foundation to the Great Mother.

The seven planets of Solar System are the Seven Sephirot and the threefold Spiritual Sun is the Sephirotic Crown.

These Sephirot live and palpitate within our Consciousness, and we have to learn to manipulate and combine them in the marvelous laboratory of our inner Universe. 

Thanks to the sephirot one can transform into a Man. We need to develop those Ten Sephirot because they are here within us. 

Those Ten Sephirots made in an individual convert him into a Self-Realised one; they look like embedded precious gems; it is something marvelous.