Thank you for the question.

Believe it or not I am actually a Hollywood insider for many years.

I’ve read what the conspiracy theorists write as well, and I appreciate the opportunity to comment on the matter. 

Actually it’s complicated. When you say “Illuminati” you are not talking about one group.

While it is true there are many powerful individuals and groups of occultist within the entertainment industry, the “Illuminati ritual murder” conspiracy theory is just not plausible in my opintion.

Usually the celebrities simply get into trouble on there own accord with drugs, bad relationships, mafia debts etc. and they meet their own ends. There is a lot of pressure involved in being a celebrity and to be honest some can handle it better that others.

Also, powerful Hollywood “Illuminati” types aren’t worried about the public “finding out” because quite simply even if they did “find out”, they either would not believe it, or they would make a joke out of it and the public would forget about it in about 5 minutes.