There is a huge amount of anti illuminati propaganda on the internet. I would say 95 percent of “Illuminati” videos and radio shows are complete nonsense. Although there are often elements of truth in the conspiracies, the information is almost always coming from either religious nuts or fraud authors/filmmakers that do not have a clue what they are talking about.  (i.e. “I was a 99th degree Freemason until I found Jesus, buy my DVD to hear all the forbidden secrets”.) 

The truth is Illuminati are people just like the rest. And of course there are both good and evil ones.

Good Illuminists consciously work on developing higher levels of spiritual awareness. This is accomplished through meditation, prayer, knowledge of Qabbalah, and performing certain rituals and initiations. Nothing dark, or sinister. Actually quite the opposite. 

It is true that there are some “evil”illuminati. (There are actually a few of them on tumblr 😉 They use the same basic systems and symbols, only they distort them into something dark and perverted to manipulate others and serve their base desires of power, lust, greed, etc. These types of sorcerers are basically playing with fire, and eventually all black magicians or “left hand” Qabbalists have to pay the karma for such actions.

If your looking for information about Good and Holy illuminism, I would recommend checking out books or lectures by Samael Aun Weor, Dion Fortune, Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Manley P. Hall, Carl Jung and Salomo Baal-Shem.