Symbolism and Myth: 

All genuine scriptures are allegorical and symbolic. They are not literal documentations of history, although some of the figures, personages, and characters described in the holy texts did exist. Nevertheless, their depiction within sacred scriptures have meant to serve as a representation of principles the spiritual devotee of any religion seeks to develop within themselves as part of the path that leads to complete development. 

“Woe to the man who says that the Torah came to relate stories, simply and plainly, and simpleton tales about Esau and Laban and the like. If it was so, even at the present day we could produce a Torah from simplistic matters, and perhaps even nicer ones than those. If the Torah came to exemplify worldly matters, even the rulers of the world have among them things that are superior. If so, let us follow them and produce from them a Torah in the same manner. It must be that all items in the Torah are of a superior nature and are uppermost secrets.”

– Rabbi Simeon bar Yochai