Anima Mundi, or The Soul of the World:

The Anima Mundi is the feminine creative power of God that is said to turn the sphere of the stars and disperses planetary influences to nourish the material world.

The Anima Mundi appears in ‘The History of the Macrocosm and the Microcosm’ by Robert Fludd, who described her as a “supreme intelligence” of “an angelic nature.”

In Man, or the Microcosm, the Anima Mundi is the Kundalini energy. That vital regenerative energy that flows through us and is concentrated in our spinal cord and sexual organs. (the coiled up or brass serpent) 

For the true seeker, one of the responsibilities of life is to awake her in inside us, by means of Tantra or Sexual Alchemy, thus awaking the soul of god in us and bringing true illumination.