Hanukah and Kabbalah: 

Hanukah is considered a special holiday by Kabbalists because the meaning of it is directly connected to the rebuilding of the inner temple.

Spiritually, the temple signifies the place where Creator and creature bond.

The destruction of the temple is a breaking of the bond between the two. That bond is what Kabbalists are trying to rebuild. 

There are two phases to the corrections. In the first, the human must learn how to rise above his egocentric nature and attain a tool (called vessel of bestowal) with which to bond with the spiritual world. This is the correction phase.

After that comes the receiving phase, when the human might receive tremendous pleasures using the newly acquired tool.

A thirsty man, holding in his hand a broken glass, must first repair the glass before he can fill it up and drink from it. He who feels the detachment from spirituality must first mend his bond with the Creator before he can receive the offered goods.

Thus Hanukah marks and celebrates the attainment of the vessels of bestowal.