“Modern man has all but lost the sense of wonder, which may be seen as resulting from his loss of the sense of the Truth. He is often hardly aware how miraculous the mystery of intelligence, of human subjectivity as well as the power of objectivity and the possibility of knowing objectively truly are. This man is oblivious to the mystery that he can turn inwardly upon the infinite world within himself and also objectivize the world outside, in order to possess inner subjective knowledge, as well as knowledge of a totally objective order. Man is endowed with this precious gift of intelligence which allows him to know the ultimate Truth, and the objective world as distinct realities each on its own level. Knowledge can attain the Sacred both beyond the subject which knows and at the heart of this very subject. Human intelligence continues to be endowed with this miraculous gift of knowledge of the inward and the outward.

The Great Work is the course of developing inner sight and understanding of the outer world through a progressive science. Some have called this system the Higher and Lower Mysteries. This science does not preach answers, but assists in the development of a perspective of ultimate Truth and a foundation of questioning all, including the self. These have been lessons of the Sages in all ancient and great civilizations.

The journey for Truth, both within and without, accompanied by the talent of inquiry and the practice of challenging the status quo, is the engine for the evolution and continuation of society and civilization. The seekers on this journey are bound by an invisible bond, which may be sometimes called the Mystic Tie." 

~Robert Herd