“However, those who have sinned against the proclamation by not listening to it, remain within the limits of reason, as they have not received the powers of the Spirit and do not know why they were created, nor by whom.

The sensorial perceptions of such human beings are almost equal to those of irrational animals; and as their nature is a mixture of passions, they have no admiration for what is worthy of reflection and contemplation; they devote themselves to their bodily pleasures and desires and believe that man has come into being for such things.

However, those who have partaken of God’s gift are no longer mortals, as proved by all their deeds, but divine men who understand with their Spirit-Soul all that is on earth, in heaven and, perhaps, above heaven.

Having beheld The Good, those who have raised themselves in this way have learned to consider their sojourn here on earth as a disaster. They repudiate all things corporeal and incorporeal and hasten to reach the One and Only.”

– Corpus Hermeticum