“A person is a miniature universe. In other words, those forces and factors that make up the manifested universe on all levels are also present within the nature of each person without exception. The symbol of the Tree of Life is the epitome of the microcosmic / macrocosmic view of the universe. By learning to awaken and apply the forces symbolized within it, we are able to touch and awaken greater spheres of our own inner nature. Thus, on one hand, while the forces and powers within the Tree represent successive phase of evolution within the universe, on the other hand they also represent successive levels of greater consciousness and energies within each one of us. The idea behind working with the Tree is to expand our awareness of the universe and to awaken our consciousness to the energies and forces that exist simultaneously within it and us. We, in fact, through study, meditation, and various simple exercises can become a living Tree of Life, replete with all the inherent forces and energies of the universe and the potential to connect with everything else in the universe. We have our roots upon the earth and our head in the heavens, and circulating throughout us, for us, are all the forces of the universe. To some this is magic, but it is really nothing more than life itself.”

– Ted Andrews:┬áSimplified Qabala Magic