“Satan is not a spirit of destruction. There is no essential evil in the universe. Our present form of the "devil” is merely derived from the Greek nature god Pan. As Goethe says, Mephistopheles, or Satan, “is part of the power that still works for good while ever scheming ill.” Satan is really karma, but he is more than that. He is the temptation from which arises strength. 

When the Mysteries were celebrated in ancient Egypt, there was an evil spirit called Typhon or Set who brought about the death of the good Osiris. It is the red Set that has given us our concept of the devil; but Set was nothing but the material world, the ground of man’s temptation, and also the environment in which he gains immortality through self-discipline. Therefore, Set, or Satan is divine opportunity; the world into which we come in ignorance but from which we depart in wisdom.“

– Manly P. Hall: The Secret Teachings of all Ages