Wisdom of Kabbalah – Daniel Matt: University of Philosophical Research

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This course focuses on the central teachings of Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition that emerged in twelfth-century Provence and profoundly influenced European spirituality. We will explore the themes of Ein Sof (God as “Infinity”), Ayin (the divine “no-thing-ness”), Shekhinah (the feminine “presence” of God), and Raising the Sparks (discovering God in everyday life). Students will study the original teachings of the Kabbalah, translated from Hebrew and Aramaic by the Dr. Matt, in his book, “The Essential Kabbalah.”

Session 1 | The Nature of God
Session 2 | Mystical No-thingness—Ayin
Session 3 | The Ten Sefirot
Session 4 | C reation
Session 5 | Meditation
Session 6 | R evelation & Torah
Session 7 | Finding God in Everyday Life
Session 8 | Sexuality & Heretical Faith
Session 9 | E in Sof & The Sefirot (Review)
Session 10 | God and the Big Bang