The Revised New Art Tarot: Mysticism and Qabalah in the Knapp-Hall Tarot, Black and White Edition

Black & White version of the book by Yolanda M. Robinson, Ph.D. offering a comprehensive guide with exercises to accompany the reprint of the Revised New Art Tarot, the iconic Knapp-Hall Tarot originally published in 1929. This historic deck marked a period of significant collaboration between J. Augustus Knapp and Manly P. Hall, including Knapp’s illustrations for Hall’s 1928 encyclopedic masterpiece, The Secret Teachings of all Ages. Relying mostly on Manly P. Hall’s work, the author presents the Knapp-Hall Tarot following the teachings of the main esoteric traditions at the time of the original publication, while emphasizing the deep mystical content of this extraordinary, magical work. This new edition of the Knapp-Hall deck closely follows Knapp’s original color scheme and style. The book offers suggestions for divination and meditation with the cards through the mysterious heraldic symbols added by Manly P. Hall and the dynamics of color, geometric patterns and numbers, while concentrating on the transformative dimensions of the Tree of Life, which serves as our roadmap to penetrate the ancient mysteries. The deck and this book represent a compendium of knowledge that has guided our civilization since the beginning of Time.