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“Self-observation is only possible after acquiring attention.”


“Be present at every breath. Do not let your attention wander for the duration of a single breath.”

– Gujduvani (12th c. Sufi master)

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“Matter is fluid and flows like a stream, constantly changing from one thing to another.
Know ye that which is formed is truly formless, having form only to thine eyes.
Not as man am I for free have I become of dimensions and planes.
In each, take I on a new body.
In each, I change in my form.
Know I now that the formless is all there is of form.”


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“The mystical path is the most difficult, demanding, dangerous, and intoxicating journey one can ever make. It takes one into the depths of the heart, into the abyss and endless love one finds there. It leads you from the known into the unknown, and then further, into the unknowable, into a darkness brighter than any light. Nothing can prepare you for the heart’s journey, for the places it can take you, the depths and heights that are within you. So many times you think you are crazy, bewildered and lost.”

~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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“My point, once again, is not that those ancient people told literal stories and we are now smart enough to take them symbolically, but that they told them symbolically and we are now dumb enough to take them literally.“

~ John Dominic Crossan

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“Angels are the interface through which a man interacts with the awesome Light of the Creator. However, our senses of perception are, by design, restricted and limited. Consequently, the force called “angel” remains unobservable to the naked eye and illogical to the rational mind. Like the unseen wind, however, it’s influence is very real. Positive actions of sharing, tolerance & compassion ignite positive angels. Selfishness intolerance & hatred rouse negative angels.“

The Zohar: The Book of Splendor

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“In love is found the secret of divine unity.

It is love that unites the higher and the lower stages of existence,
that raises the lower to the level of the higher, where all become fused into one.”

– Zohar: The Book of Splendor

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“When we speak of the Path we mean much more than a course of study. The Path is a way of life and on it the whole being must co-operate if the heights are to be won.”

– Dion Fortune: Esoteric Orders and Their Work

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The Kabbalah Cube of Space:

The 22 hebrew letters can be arranged in a kabbalistic system of space. Every letter describes a particular direction, which direves from the 7 major directions in space: north, south, west, east, above, below and the centre. These 7 main directions are at the same time the 7 double-letters, double for they can be pronounced in two ways.

The 12 sides and 3 middle axes of the Cube of Space, are the connections of the 7 main directions. In the kabbalistic book called the Sefer Yetzirah, the book of creation, all directions are direved from the 32 hidden pathways of wisdom.

Learn more about its kabbalistic properties here.

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“The Sephirothic Tree is sometimes depicted as a human body, thus more definitely
establishing the true identity of the first, or Heavenly, Man – Adam Kadmon – the Idea of
the Universe. 

The ten divine globes (Sephiroth) are then considered as analogous to the
ten sacred members and organs of the Protogonos, according to the following arrangement. 

• Kether is the crown of the Prototypic Head and perhaps refers to the pineal gland; 

• Chochmah and Binah are the right and left hemispheres respectively of the Great brain; 

• Chesed and Geburah are the right and left arms respectively, signifying the active creative members of the Grand man; tiphereth is the heart, or, according to some, the
entire viscera; 

• Netsach and Hod are the right and left legs respectively, or the supports of
the world; 

• Yesod is the generative system, or the foundation of form; 

• Malchuth represents the two feet, or the base of being. 

(Occasionally Yesod is considered as the male and
Malchuth as the female generative power.)

The Grand man thus conceived is the gigantic
image of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, with head of gold, arms and chest of silver, body of
brass, legs of iron, and feet of clay. 

– Manly P. Hall: The Secret Teachings of All Ages

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“Light is an electric fire put by Nature at the service of the will; it lights those who know how to use it, it burns those who abuse it.”

~ Aleister Crowley: The Equinox, Vol. 1, No. 10: The Review of Scientific Illuminism

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“Illumination never comes to a person incapable of understanding it or appreciating its significance. It is not unusual for people to go to a teacher of the occult sciences to have their psychic experiences diagnosed and interpreted. One will say, ‘such and such a thing happened to me -was it initiation?’ Another will say, ‘I saw some funny lights last night–am I illuminated?’ One rule that all can depend upon is that no one will be illuminated or initiated without knowing it. The reason is evident no one can be initiated until he has reached a state of development in which he is perfectly qualified to decide for himself the significance of his mystical experiences. A person who does not know whether he is illuminated or not very evidently is not, for illumination itself could scarcely fail to clarify this problem for him.”

Manly P Hall

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“As the physical universe is the lowest and least permanent part of existence, so the physical body is the lowest and least permanent part of man.”

– Manly P. Hall: Lectures on Ancient Philosophy

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“Change of knowledge comes from change of being. Knowledge in itself is nothing. We must first have self-knowledge, and with the help of self-knowledge, we shall learn how to change ourselves—if we wish to change ourselves.”

– G.I. Gurdjieff

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”The Qabalah describes the universe as divided into four separate “Worlds”, each of which is represented by one letter of the Divine Name, or Tetragrammaton (יהוה).

The first is Atziluth, the Archetypal World, the world of Pure Spirit which activates all of the other worlds which evolve from it. Here are attributed the Gods of the Sephiroth, and the letter Yod, Primal Fire.

The second world is Briah, the Creative World, the level of pure intellect, of the Archangels and of Heh, Primal Water.

The third is Yetzirah, called the Formative World because here are found the subtle and fleeting patterns behind matter. It is the realm of angels and of Primal Air, symbolized by the letter Vau.

The final World is Assiah, the active world containing both the physical world of sensation and the unseen energies of matter. It is the realm of the Cherubim, the final Heh of the Divine Name and Primal Earth.”

– The Qabalistic Tarot: A Textbook of Mystical Philosophy

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“Heed these words, You who wish to probe the depths of nature: If you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither will you find it outside. In you is hidden the treasure of treasures. Know Thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods.”

The Oracle: Ancient Delphi and the Science Behind Its Lost Secrets

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“The term Magic was not associated with occult jugglery by the Egyptians but arose from a profound understanding of natural law.
Magic is too ancient and too universal to be explained away by mirrors, wires and hinges.
In Egypt we are dealing unquestionably with true manifestations of occult power.
Egyptian mystics could levitate, walk the air, handle fire, live under water, sustain great pressure, harmlessly suffer mutilation, read the past, foretell the future, make themselves invisible, and cure disease.
Thus, “Magic” says General Albert Pike, “is the exact and absolute science of nature and its laws. From this absolute science arises occult science.”

~ Manly P. Hall: The Lost Keys of Freemasonry